Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Complaint Free World

How many times have you made a decision to do something, only to find yourself saying, "What in the heck was i thinking!?!?"

Several months ago i saw an article on foxnews.com about a pastor who made these bracelets and a website called complaintfreeworld.org. I was motivated so i ordered some bracelets. 5 months later :) they finally arrived (yesterday).

So here's the basic idea - wear the bracelet (which happens to be pink...lovely) and everytime you critcize, gossip or complain...you switch the bracelet to the other wrist. The goal is to keep it on the same hand for 21 days, thus creating a "complaint free habit" which in turn leads to a complaint free world.

Day 1 results - 11 wrist switches and a "few" others that i rationlized to myself that they weren't really complaints.

Day 2 comes early (was that a complaint?)...


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J.T. said...

I hate this post.