Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Love Thursdays!!!

It seems like over the years, i've grown to love Thursday more and more. Especially in the fall.

Its the first "real" college football game of the week...its when FFL'ers (Fantasy Football Geeks) get serious about looking at their lineup for the week and it just feels good on Thursday knowing that Friday is peeking around the corner. :) Silly i know...but true.


Celebrate by doing something nice for someone else and asking for nothing in return.


J.T. said...

Word up! Thursday is the day players clear waivers in my league, and all my transactions process!

Also, its Must-See-TV!

Pat Man said...

I definently agrre with this... I was just looking at my line up as a matter of fact!!!


Pat Man said...

Once again great minds converge!!!