Thursday, November 1, 2007

Complaint Free World - Part 2

Okay, 3 days into this little project and here's what i'm realizing. I complain and criticize ALOT. (i was just as shocked as you are.)

And when i complain...99.9% of the time, my complaint is directly connected to my selfish nature. I complain because someone is going to slow when i want to go fast or because someone took "my" spot or in general because someone didn't do something that would have made my life more convenient for ME.

So here's the equation...


My prayer this week is that God will take my focus off of me and put it on others which is where real joy comes from anyway (seems like some guy in the bible mentioned that). Think about it...i've never chosen to do something for someone else and felt bad about it. I always feel joy.

For the record: 6 switches today.


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Pat Man said...

'm feeling like I might need one of these bracelets...