Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life Passions

Here's one of mine...

Man these guys are good.

You have to put in an email but its free to watch. This is the US Open. (The "Big Boys")

I finally made it one day on the same wrist!!! Then abrubtly had to switch the next day so i'm still at zero.

If you have no idea what i'm talking about check out previous posts.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Biggest Loser

I confess...I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

Yes, i know its overflowing with drama and overkill but i've never found any television show that more motiviates me to care for my physical fitness and shows the power of the human spirit and the good that God has put in all of us.

If you haven't watched it should.

If you have and hated it...try it again without a skeptical attitude and take it at face value.

Okay, that's it for my Biggest Loser rant.

PS - i think i have a man-crush on Bob.


Still haven't made it one day without switching at least once but we're making progress. Only 4 switches today. Its amazing how aware i am of complaining and criticizing.

If you'd like more info or want to try the challenge for yourself...go to


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Complaint Free World - Part 2

Okay, 3 days into this little project and here's what i'm realizing. I complain and criticize ALOT. (i was just as shocked as you are.)

And when i complain...99.9% of the time, my complaint is directly connected to my selfish nature. I complain because someone is going to slow when i want to go fast or because someone took "my" spot or in general because someone didn't do something that would have made my life more convenient for ME.

So here's the equation...


My prayer this week is that God will take my focus off of me and put it on others which is where real joy comes from anyway (seems like some guy in the bible mentioned that). Think about it...i've never chosen to do something for someone else and felt bad about it. I always feel joy.

For the record: 6 switches today.


I Love Thursdays!!!

It seems like over the years, i've grown to love Thursday more and more. Especially in the fall.

Its the first "real" college football game of the week...its when FFL'ers (Fantasy Football Geeks) get serious about looking at their lineup for the week and it just feels good on Thursday knowing that Friday is peeking around the corner. :) Silly i know...but true.


Celebrate by doing something nice for someone else and asking for nothing in return.