Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Choose your words carefully...

Do you have one of those "thorns" in your life that you feel no matter how hard you try...you can never get rid of? One of mine seems to be shooting off my mouth without thinking about how my words will affect other people. Whether its my wife or kids or the fast-food worker or the police officer who pulled me over a few weeks ago...once the words come out I never get them back. The damage is done.

The fix is simple...THINK BEFORE I SPEAK. Stop long enough to collect my thoughts and calm down for a second. For whatever reason (self-centeredness mostly), sometimes I just blurt out what's on my heart in the heat of the moment and when I do...the hurt I cause others can never be "taken back".

I know...we're all human and from time to time say things we wish we hadn't said. I'm not trying to be Ghandi...just something I've been more aware of lately.

Next time you're about to stab someone with your words. Stop and think.

Have a great day.


Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Love this! I'm glad you're updating again. :)

You won't remember me, but I was in youth at GB for awhile... and I lived in a house right behind you. I was at GB my junior and senior years of high school ('01 & '02). Ended up going to Lee University (Cleveland, TN) and got my bachelors and masters there. I'm now running a ministry I started while I was in college... it turned into my full-time job. I'm so glad I found you cause I've been wanting to thank you for all you did in my life back then!

I'm at www.ministrysofabulous.com if you ever want to check it out!

J.T. said...

LOL... you know what this reminds me of?

"I dreamed I went to Heaven...
You were there with me.
We walked along the streets of gold.
Beside the crystal sea...

blah blah blah
Thaaaaank You -
for giving to the Lord...
For I am a life, that was chaaaaanged..."

In all seriousness - isn't that the coolest feeling ever?