Friday, March 14, 2008

I am...

GRATEFUL for my life.

Do you ever have those moments (or days or weeks) where you look at other people's lives and say, "why them and not me?" Me too.

But this morning i made a list of some of the things i have to be grateful for.

My life is pretty good...

Michelle (wife)
Kayleigh (daughter)
Allyson (daughter)
Tanner (dog)
my house
my great neighborhood
Keller, Tx
miguel who plays racquetball with me early in the morning (and lets me win sometimes)
2 cars that run
4 tv's in my house that all work (and show sports)
my church
jeff crawford (how many real 23 year best friends do you get?)
i can breathe (haven't always been able to say that)
my favorite black "Apex" t-shirt which i rescued from my truck bed after 5 months :)
bro (who has 18 months left until his new life begins - i hope)
the coolest, best inlaws on the planet
mike and mike in the morning (espn radio's greatest show ever)
true friends (too many to name)
the internet
golden corral
diet dr pepper (see February 27)
the opportunity to go to school again (and finish)
mowing season
todd snider songs (rated pg-13 but FUNNY)
music in general (and the ability to hear it)
david henry (who greats me with a genuine smile almost every morning)

Just to name a few...

Try it.

Have a great weekend.

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