Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Take a risk...

I don't write this to say that I've "arrived". Those who know me know I'm not even close.

I'm in a season of life right now where I've totally jumped out of the boat (Matthew 14). I left what I've known as my career for almost 20 years and now I'm a full-time student who mows grass to pay the bills. It makes me laugh just saying that in my head...

But here's the deal...when you take a risk, there WILL be days when you ask yourself, "what in the *%#@! was I thinking?" There are days when you feel like a failure or stupid or crazy..............But there is something about taking a risk that empowers you. And there are days when you feel God saying, "good jump!" I was speaking at a camp this past summer on Matthew 14 and I told the students who were there that there are jumpers (Peter - out of the boat), and sitters (other guys - stayed in the boat)...which would you rather be? Without thinking...most of us would say JUMPER! But then when the first sign of struggle or discouragement comes, we bail...jump back in the boat and take our seat.

I must say that there really are more exciting days than discouraging ones. But just when you start to think its smooth sailing.........I talked with a major gas station chain yesterday about bidding for their lawn care contract. They have 40+ locations in the DFW area (I wasn't bidding for all of them, just about a dozen). He asked how many locations were in my largest contract and I said, "one?". He laughed at me (literally laughed out loud). Discouraging? Yep.

But I'd still rather be a jumper.

Take a risk this week (no, you don't have to quit your job).

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